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As a boy I would always take things apart to see how they worked, then I would try and put them back together, sometimes in my own special way. As a teenager I spent school holidays helping my Uncle fit kitchens.

My working life began as a Kitchen Designer, after a few years I started to get more involved in the installation and soon left the office behind. Most of my early work was Set building for brochure photography and showroom displays.

I have always enjoyed making furniture for family and friends, it’s because of that this business has evolved. Since my daughter Niamh was four (now 11) she has been my biggest influence. She asked for a “Chair like nobody else’s” then said it was to be shaped “like a shoe”; she tried to draw a picture of a shoe showing me where she would sit and where she could lean back. She was so determined I went to my shed and started work and soon had a little Denim stiletto shoe chair that she still cherishes to this day. Then she wanted a “Daisy table and chairs” then a “flower shaped Chair” then a “Chair with wings” and recently due to Guitar lessons she asked for a “Guitar Chair”.

I made a Guitar and a Violin Chair and they’ve had such a positive reaction from everyone that’s seen them. So in hindsight I’m glad I listened to the ideas of my daughter and tried to make them reality for her, if not I might still be fitting Kitchens!

I also enjoy carving Bog Oak and Yew which is almost a privilege in itself to work with wood that’s already thousands of years old.

Another branch of my business now is the cufflinks, made from recycled shotgun and bullet cartridges, and locally sourced Irish woods, including bog woods.

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  1. Hi Ed, i have just received my gift from my god parents May and Joe Mcfadden. I am amazed on the gift and on your craft, its a stunning seat / stool you do have a real quality talent. Thank you for such amazing piece, it fits so well in my house and will be the talk of many social evening sat around playing the guitar. I have told John that i will done some good quality photos of the guitar seat and hopefully he will send them on to you. I have already posted some quick pictures on my face book page, i hope you don’t mind? and its gone down a storm. Hope you get some feed back from it. https://www.facebook.com/johnpaul.fitzmaurice
    Once again thank you for a lovely piece of art work.

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